LINCSAFE is the solution for the realization of a closed process for processing cash. Closed cash handling makes it possible to process the cash as efficiently as possible while minimizing the risks of (armed) robbery, burglary and (internal) theft.

  • Lincsafe BSC

    Small Money Safe and easy to be installed at the cash register with a capacity of 400 notes.

  • Lincsafe PRO

    The PRO is a Money Safe with a capacity of 1200-2200 banknotes. 

  • Lincsafe DUO

    The DUO is a Money Safe for back-front office with a capacity of 2 x 2 x 1200 or 2200 banknotes. 

  • CP 702

    This deposit box has 2 different locks. Easy installation at almost any location at your till! An effective solution for depositing cash.

  • CP 721

    This deposit box with EN 1300 certified lock is made of 3 mm heavy steel. A heavy duty solution which offers a safe solution for depositing cash.